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🌟 Exciting News: We've moved to! Nothing else has changed, just our name. Click here for details! 🌟

MedServe Electronic Medication Storage Cabinet With RFID Badge Reader

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The financial landscape for medication storage is very limited. The cheapest solution has always been key-locked cabinets. These cabinets require paper logs for controlled substances and diligent vigilance of key usage. However, facilities that store drugs often want to upgrade to more sophisticated systems. Some facilities want to improve their medication security by having a system that digitally tracks and manages staff access to drugs. While others want to monitor their drug inventory levels or eliminate their medication paper logs and replace them with digital records.

All of these capabilities are attainable, but the systems that allow for such electronic upgrades are quite expensive. Most digital medication storage systems are designed specifically for hospitals in terms of price and complexity. These hospital-grade storage solutions are too expensive for smaller facilities with extensive contracts and extra fees for support or repairs. Lighter operations simply can’t afford these machines, and they also don’t fit well into workflows that aren’t hospital based.

  • Medserve offers a Wall-Mounted Electronic Medication Storage system that improves staff efficiency and patient safety.
  • The system electronically secures medication near patient care areas, preventing drug diversion and addressing compliance challenges.
  • The system features a touchscreen interface that manages user access, generates logs, and simplifies medication reconciliation.
  • Six individually locking bins separate and secure medications, while a removable, lockable cassette simplifies stocking of the cabinet
  • Optional double-locking bins can be placed anywhere within the cabinet
  • The locking supply storage area doubles as a worksurface to prepare medications
  • Central Management Software enables simple management of multiple cabinets
  • The system includes integrated WiFi and Ethernet, and an optional RFID reader
  • Antimicrobial surfaces enhance patient and staff safety.
Subscription Required.